Bert Green Fine Art

Marissa Lee Benedict
"I Come Apart"
Sept 9 - October 21 2017

Marissa Lee Benedict is interested in the relationships between natural earth systems and human stabilization technologies. She explores the inherent tension between the fundamentally variable and unstable nature of naturally occurring phenomena and the human need for predictable sustenance, reliable energy, and control over the natural world. The installation in our Project Room considers both the strength and the fragility of forms that rely on the logic of assembly, constructed of a raised, gridded data center floor with sound and video components.

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I Come Apart
An interactive site specific installation

I Come Apart (The space beneath your feet)
HD Video with audio
Open edition on a custom engraved USB stick
10 minute loop, 2017

I Come Apart (Room Tone)
Audio recording of Amazon Turk workers’ ambient room tones
Open edition on a custom engraved USB stick
9 minute loop, 2017